a contribution.

A gift to FAU is an investment in a brighter future for our students, our University and our entire region.

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a transformation.

This is your chance to be a catalyst for generations of positive change.

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Scholarships that change lives.

By breaking down barriers to higher education, we’ll make a college degree more accessible for everyone who seeks it — so they can reach their full potential and improve our society for the better.

Health care that enhances our well-being.

With advanced health research and a comprehensive approach, we’re preparing the next generation of health care professionals to elevate the well-being of our region.

Research that safeguards our most precious resources.

A sustained focus on environmental research will address climate change, conserve our environment, and protect this planet we all call home.

A university ahead of its time.

From raising community funds to open our doors, to being one of the first universities to harness the power of broadcast technology, we have always looked past the moment to meet the needs of an evolving world.