An education within reach

for every student that seeks it.

The gift of scholarships will transform their lives — so that one day, they can transform all of ours.

We were founded on the promise of accessible education: breaking down barriers and closing equity gaps to ensure that higher education was an option for those who sought it, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Our commitment to that promise still stands — and with your support, we’ll make it stronger than ever.

FAU ranked
for Social Mobility in 2023 U.S. News & World Report
Winner of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
Degree Completion Award

Featured Story

First Generation Johnson Transfer Scholar Christopher Gonzalez Receives Support to Follow Dream of Becoming an Accountant

First-generation student Christopher Gonzalez didn’t have much growing up. His parents taught him the importance of carefully managed finances. During tax season, Christopher would accompany his mom to file her taxes, and he astutely observed how a good certified public accountant could help families save money. After Christopher graduated with his Associate of Arts degree and a 4.0 GPA from a state college, he was accepted to the very first cohort of Florida Atlantic University’s Johnson Transfer Scholars Program. The program aims to improve the retention, matriculation, graduation and career readiness of first-generation transfer students, and eliminate gaps in degree completion.

Not only did the Johnson Transfer Scholars program help Christopher meet his financial needs, but it also highlighted the amazing support structures and opportunities at FAU. All Johnson Transfer Scholars are immersed in a culture of first-generation community-based programming, high-touch academic and success coaching, and targeted programs that increase their overall employability upon graduation. Now a senior on the Dean’s list, Christopher will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in December.

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Laying the groundwork.

When students have a strong foundation of knowledge, tools, mentorship and support, their potential can reach new heights, propelling them — and our community — forward.

Breaking down barriers.

Even small financial setbacks can cause students to fall behind or drop out. We’re alleviating the need to prioritize work over study, so they have the room and the resources to flourish.

Strengthening our support system.

With personalized mentoring, counseling and other assistance, we’ll catch students at risk of falling through the gaps.

Ensuring Success.

The skills our students learn prepare them to succeed in the workplace — and the partnerships we’re establishing with local businesses and organizations will make sure their talent stays here, so our region can benefit.