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Investing in Health today prepares Florida for the health care needs of tomorrow.

With an aging population and a recent pandemic, demand for health care has never been higher — but the workforce continues to shrink. Florida Atlantic is on a mission to train the next generation of medical professionals and ensure a better quality of life for everyone in our region. But we can’t do it without you.

FAU can train an additional


health care workers per year with scholarship support.

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Featured Story

In-Vehicle Sensors Help Detect Cognitive Changes in Older Adults

An estimated 4 to 8 million older adults with mild cognitive impairment currently drive in the United States. Despite projections that one-third of these drivers will develop dementia within five years, a significant number remain unaware of their cognitive decline.

Researchers in neuropsychology, engineering, and the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing are testing an in-vehicle sensing system that offers the potential for widespread, low-cost early warnings of cognitive decline among older drivers. Developed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the sensor network uses open-source hardware and software components to reduce the time, risks and costs associated with developing in-vehicle units.  

The sensor’s main purpose is to detect driving inconsistencies, such as getting lost, ignoring traffic signals, near-collisions, distraction, drowsiness, reaction times, and travel patterns. During the three-year study, a driver facing camera, forward facing camera, and telematics unit will be installed in each participant’s vehicle. Every three months, data will be collected and analyzed to help generate early warnings. Funded by the National Institute on Aging, the study aims to revolutionize early detection of cognitive decline in older drivers.

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Addressing the healthcare shortage.

We’ll increase medical, nursing and social work class sizes to alleviate health care shortages. We’ll train the professionals of tomorrow, innovating through research, and preparing our students to join the health care workforce.

Making health care education accessible at an early age.

We’ll bring renowned academic medicine to southeast Florida, creating pathways for health careers from pre-K through adulthood, and improving the lives of citizens in our region and beyond.

Empowering innovation.

With bench-to-bedside research and education, we'll bring brilliant minds and advanced technology together to lead the future of health and health research.