FAU Alumni Pay It Forward by Establishing a Scholarship to Benefit Fellow Owls

Florida Atlantic University alumni Thomas Zeichman ’09 and Edward Fulton ’09 became instant friends at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. The two lived in the same dorm and worked together in student government. Fulton went on to serve two years as the student body governor of the John D. MacArthur campus at Jupiter and was elected as student body vice president in 2009.

Thomas Zeichman Today, 14 years after graduating, Zeichman, now an attorney, and Fulton, a physician, regularly speak or text. A favorite subject of theirs is the Wilkes Honors College.

“It set a professional foundation for each of us and provided lifelong friendships,” shared Zeichman. “We heard from other alumni across class years who shared our pride for the College. So, when we were able, Ed and I started the Wilkes Honors College Alumni Scholarship Fund to provide support for those on campus now from those who came before.”

Zeichman and Fulton’s Wilkes Honors College Alumni Scholarship Fund was officially established in July 2023. The scholarship aims to give students an additional reason to choose the Wilkes Honors College.

“Wilkes Honors College students are ambitious,” expressed Zeichman. “They seek opportunities locally, nationally, and globally. By providing financial support, we want those students to be able to say ‘yes’ to life- and career-defining moments.”

Both alum are grateful for the scholarships that supported their many academic successes, along with their careers. Zeichman was the recipient of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship and the Wilkes Honors College Scholarship. Presently, he is a partner at Beighley, Myrick, Udell, Lynne + Zeichman, P.A., and he leads the bankruptcy and restructuring practice. Fulton was named a Henry Morrison Flagler Scholar and also received a University Club Scholarship.

Fulton Fulton is now a private practice dermatopathologist in Birmingham, Alabama, and teaches dermatology residents at Tulane and Louisiana State University. Looking ahead, the friends hope to expand the fund to include an alumni mentorship component.

Students interested in law could be mentored by Zeichman, and Fulton could reciprocate for students interested in pursuing medicine.

“Practical mentorship and guidance with respect to choosing and entering a career field after school is vital,” stated Fulton. “We would love to help students bridge the gap between taking a class and actually translating that knowledge into a career.”

Prior to launching their scholarship fund, they volunteered their time and considerable talents to Florida Atlantic and its students. Zeichman has served on the Florida Atlantic University Alumni Association (FAUAA) Board of Directors and recently completed a two-year term as chair. Additionally, he served on the Wilkes Honors College Advisory Board for several years. Fulton has been active in the Honors College Mentoring program. In 2022, he was honored with the Richard L. Schmidt Alumni Talon Award. Co-sponsored by the FAU Alumni Association and the Homecoming Committee, the annual Talon Leadership Awards recognize outstanding faculty, student, alumni and community leadership.

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