Flagler Scholarship Encourages Personal Growth, Leadership and Community Service

Created by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, the Henry Morrison Flagler Scholarship Program was made a significant impact in the lives of scholars during its 22-year history. Philanthropist Henry Morrison Flagler created a legacy of excellence marked by personal growth, leadership and community service. Accordingly, the Flagler scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who embody these same qualities.

In addition to providing tuition, fees, room and board, the Flagler scholarship also supports travel, research, internships and service-learning opportunities. These students pursue a variety of majors, from science to humanities, and engage in student government, clubs, sports, and volunteer work. They also participate in annual enrichment programs, including a freshman retreat, a sophomore study abroad, a junior leadership seminar and a senior capstone project. These enrichment programs explore diverse cultures, perspectives, and ideas.

Scholars are provided with an exceptional opportunity to become part of a community that embodies integrity, courage and scholarship. Flagler scholars support each other, learn from each other, and grow together. Alumna Jaylene Kennedy ’22 recounts how being a member of this close-knit group, helped her inspire classmates to become ambassadors at the Henry Flagler Museum.

 “After touring the museum, I wanted to start an ambassadorship where fellow ‘Flaglers’ could greet museum guests, discuss Mr. Flagler’s legacy and explain how his scholarship program changed our lives,” Jaylene said. “I’m beyond proud of creating something so impactful and meaningful, not only for us, but also for the Palm Beach community.”

In addition to nurturing meaningful connections among students, the program also aims to cultivate the next generation of visionaries, innovators, and global citizens who will make a positive impact in the world.

A former public high school teacher now working at the Atlantic Council, a think tank based in a Washington, D.C., alumnus Michael Berg ’22, credits his experiences as a Flagler scholar with shaping his career trajectory.

“Climbing Mt. Rainier taught me to be resilient and adaptable, while interning and studying in Denmark and Spain brought my two passions of education and international affairs to life,” said Michael. Recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Spain for the upcoming year, Michael also emphasizes the skills sharpened through the Flagler scholar program that have opened doors for him in D.C. and across the world. “I have witnessed firsthand the impact of relationship building and networking on creating opportunities for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Flagler scholars have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, college professors, research scientists, entrepreneurs, television writers and more. These successful alumni stories underscore the program’s success in building a robust network of tomorrow’s change-makers.

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